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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cold War Project - Images

This is the image of the world's first satellite that is successfully sent into space by the USSR in 1957. This basketball-size satellite was the beginning of the Space Age during the 20th century. The launching of Sputnik was very significant during the Cold War because it shows how USSR was in the lead in the space race with USA. This is important to me because it leads to the upcoming space technologies that have become part of the new generation's life, including mine as well.


This is a nuclear bomb test during the Cold War by the US. The testing had been going on for a long time back and forth between USA and USSR in the 20th century. It was a technology and power race between the two countries. This image shows the tension that was going on and how close the nuclear war was. In my opinion, the Cold War started off because of a very stupid reason. Only because of a conflict of ideas and the hunger for power, a war that could destroy the world in one blow almost happened. This just shows me how smart leaders of different superpower countries don’t know how to think sometimes. It somehow makes me sad how people have such wonderful brains but lousy heart.


In this picture, an American soldier is holding up a rifle at an old Vietnamese lady. There are many cruel things Vietnamese had to face, and this was only one of the evidence of those actions. The US soldiers suspected every Vietnamese there is to be seen, and they often kill any running civilians no matter how young, old, or what gender the civilian is. This is a significant picture because it was one of the things that got people all over the US to see how bad Vietnam War was and to do something about it. The picture is important to me, for it shows how pointless the war was. The US government thinks that the main reason for this war is to liberate Vietnam, so that they won't have to be a communist country. What I am seeing in this picture is only threats and murders. Instead of saving and liberating civilians, US soldiers were hunting down and killing them all. This image just implies how mush US soldiers didn't understand this war.


This is one of the photos of the protest of Americans against the Vietnam War in Washington D.C. This protest was in, approximately, 1973 when the majority of Americans were opposed to Vietnam War. It was significant because the protests from America were a big part of the US losing the war. For me, it is very touching to know that people could actually do something to stop the cruelty of war.

This picture of a two headed baby is a significant image that shows how "Agent Orange" has affected an innocent little infant that was born in a small amount of time afterwards. This baby is one of the thousand results of the chemical sprayed across the forested area of Vietnam during Vietnam War. Agent Orange was only to get rid of forests so that US forces could find hiding Vietnamese soldiers to kill. Only because of the silly reason to murder, civilians in Vietnam had to endure the transformations for the rest of their lives. This is important to me because I hate it when innocent people are hurt by other people's mistakes.



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