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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cold War Project - Historical Imagination

Imagine you are a Soviet citizen who just found out how much the Soviet Union is spending on weapons and space development. Write a letter to your relative living in Bangkok about your feelings toward the arms race (nuclear age) and space race.

Dear Cousin,

I am appalled by the information I have just recently been informed about the amount of money used on weapons and space development here in the Soviet. Like other citizens, I think that the government is being very selfish and unfair to the people of the USSR. It seems like they are doing what ever they want and not having a second thought of what is to become of us, citizens. We are living in one the two most powerful countries of the world, yet we are poor citizens who are living under awful circumstances. All the money that was supposed to help people who are in need is used up to compete in the stupid arms race and space race. If they really want to win as the most developed and civilized country, why not raise the standards of the people of their country to the highest quality? This will be a greater proof that the country is truly the most developed country of the world. There won't be any use if USSR has the highest technologies, but with the worse life standards in the world. This war is not working out at all. While it is still going on, citizens are getting poorer every minute. It makes me very angry to think that our government would do that for themselves, while people have to struggle hard to make money just to survive the day. I, too, am having a hard time everyday, and I hope this war would end peacefully someday soon.

Love Your Cousin,


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