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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Schindler's List

There are many things Schindler's List had shown in the movie that makes me feel depressed. I can never understand how Germans could treat Jewish people the way they did. They treated Jews like animals and think of them as a weak human race that they needed to get rid of. Jews never did any harm to Germans and there was no reason at all for them to hate Jewish people, but they did. It is sad how human should treat each other this way. We are born on the same planet, therefore everyone has the same right and should be treated equally. In the movie I see Jewish people struggling in everyway to survive. Everything belongings were taken away from them, even wives, husbands, and children. Nothing could be worse than getting separated with someone you love.

As the movie came to an end, I begin to admire Oskar Schindler for what he did. During the Hitler's time no one dared to rise against him because they know what the result would be. Schindler was different. He rose against the Nazis by saving lives of Jewish people without them knowing anything about. I admire him because he took action and did what he could when other people ignored the matter even though they wanted to help. Schindler used industrial products as an excuse to keep his workers alive, to work for him. He spent his money bribing people so that he could safe as much Jews as possible. Hitler had influenced Germans to discriminate Jews but Schindler loved them. In the end Jews loved still love him until now, for he was a man with a heart filled with love.

Knowing how Jewish people had suffered I am thankful that I'm a Thai. Those Jews were born in the wrong time and at the wrong place. I believe that everyone should be proud of their own nationality. Jews were not supposed to be treated badly by Germans just because they were Jewish. They were unfortunate to have faced all the sufferings. I'm lucky I haven't face them and probably won't.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Jews Under the Hitler

This website gives detailed and interesting information about the methods Hitler used to get rid of the Jews in Germany. It tells us how badly the Jews were treated by the Germans. To Germans they were just like animals and were thought of as a weak human race. In this website you can read about how Hitler tormented and killed them in many different ways. You will see how Hitler blamed everything to the Jews even when he is losing the war and about to die.