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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Propoganda is a poster that is used to spread ideas or information. Its purpose is to persuade or convince people. It is usually used for political reasons and are sometimes useful for historical studies. These propaganda conveys particular messages from certain authorities to the citizen. We compare the message and the purpose of the poster with the true situations. We can understand more about what the government wants and how the people were living in lies.


The Russia phrase on the top of this propaganda says, "My dear homeland - you can rely on us." The poster trying to show how much the Russians were willing to do anything for their own country, their homeland. The picture makes it look like they are walking forward, towards a better future. The three birds that are gliding above with the clouds were representing how the three workers that were doing it without force. I like how the poster was made with the abstract pictures on both sides. It seemed to be representing the technology and economic growth that will be coming soon if everyone work for their country with determination. The poster meant to tell people to work hard for their own country's success.

The words on the poster are translated as "We build, grow, bring life". The picture shows a cradle and the city being brought up and is growing. It is saying how Russia is growing into a bigger and better country, which will also bring a better life for the people living in it. The trees as the background were representing life. I like how the picture is blended into a blue color, because blue gives people a feeling of peace. So basically the propaganda is telling the people to work for a better country because it will bring you a better life.

The three fat men that are sitting in the red chairs are the capitalists and those thin, weak people below them are the lower class people such as farmers and workers that were cheated off by the capitalists. The poster was trying to tell people how very unfair they were being treated and how much more the capilists had that they did not need. They were fat, greedy, and ignorant of other people who are suffering. The red color at the background is advertising the revolution. The poster is trying to say that everyone should be equal, which they should support the revolution.

The words on this poster says "Our era calls - forward!
The five year plan calls - forward!" The poster is trying to promote the five year year of improving economy. It is saying that through the five year five there will be a new era that will lead them foward, to the future. The people are told to work hard for the five year plan that planned to be done in four. The red color that is being used is for gaining support from the citizens.

The Russian word on this poster is translated as "The protection of the homeland is the duty of every citizen of the USSR." The propaganda is trying to tell Russians that Russia is more important than an individual. It is also advertising communism at the same time. The red flag represents the nation and the man in the uniform is the citizen. He looks as if he loves and adores his own country, but the truth was that the people were sick and tired of working and starving.

This poster says "The strength of (Communist) Party is in the unity with nation." There is an image of Lenin who represents the communist party and images of soldiers representing the nation and its citizens. In truth the communist party wasn't trying to unite with the citizens, instead they make them work like slaves. They didn't even get benefits, because was for the nation not for an individual.

Source: http://posters.nce.buttobi.net/

Propaganda is very popular during the Russian Revolution. The Communist Party used propaganda to promote communism and encourage people to work for their country's benefits. Most of the posters encourages Russians to have the idea that making their country better will also bring a better future. During the Russian Revolution people were starving and were forced to work, but in propaganda it seems that citizens are healthy and happy. They were all false statements and shows much of the party's dishonesty to their people.


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